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Monday, May 31, 2004

Judge rejects slave trauma as defense for killing: "Bynum told police he hit his son with a watch strap during potty-training. He said the day before the boy died, he was playing 'helicopter,' swinging his son around the room, when the boy hit his head on a table. "

This boy was two years old, and killed by his dad. That is outrageous, but even more ridiculous is the defense a mongaloid lawyer is trying use to defend the killer.

"Randall Vogt is offering the untested theory, called post traumatic slave syndrome, in his defense of Isaac Cortez Bynum, who is charged with murder by abuse in the June 30 death of his son, Ryshawn Lamar Bynum. Vogt says he will argue -- "in a general way" -- that masters beat slaves, so Bynum was justified in beating his son."

Nice. Take some responsibility, you menace.

"An autopsy found Ryshawn Bynum died of a brain injury and had a broken neck, broken ribs and as many as 70 whip marks on his legs, buttocks, back and chest that were of various ages."

The man tortured and killed his two year old! Using race as an excuse is pathetic. Somebody should play helicopter with this guy and his lawyer.



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