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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Fox to Air "Baby Swan"

Following the success of the reality show "The Swan" the FOX network has developed a new series set to air this fall called "Baby Swan." In the series, parents will bring their babies to a group of experts who will physically, mentally, and emotionally mold them into cherubic dolls that will compete in a baby beauty pageant. The parents of winner of the pageant will get a $15,000 shopping spree at Baby Gap and the recognition that comes with having the most beautiful baby in America.

Infants from three to eighteen months will compete in the pageant. In addition to sessions with the most respected child psychologists available, the babies will undergo complete physical makeovers with the latest technologies in brow lifts, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and facial reconstruction.

"With the success of 'The Swan,' it was the next logical step. Everyone thinks they have the cutest baby in the world, and with the help of our experts, our contestants will," said Eugene Horowitz, the creator of the program. "Not every baby is a so-called Gerber baby, and in fact we're looking for the less than average looking children to compete."

While the idea of subjecting an infant to severe plastic surgery may sound extreme to some, the response FOX has received has been mostly positive. "We've had a few calls, but our viewers are ready for something new. Babies are very resiliant and recover quickly, and the improvements in their looks really justifies the temporary trauma they experience," Horowitz said.

One ascpect of the show that differs from the original Swan is that babies have the option to be made over into baby celebrity look-alikes.

"Imagine an adorable baby version of Calista Flockhart," Horowitz said. "This child would have a lifelong advantage over other children growing up."

Press Release:


From FremantleMedia,NA and Galan Entertainment - the third season of the hit FOX Network Reality-Makeover Show.

Do you have a baby that could be Baby Swan? Does your baby have what it takes to work with our world-class team of Life Specialists - including stylists, coaches, therapists, trainers, nutritionists and plastic surgeons - and compete to transform your baby's life for the better?

Is there something you always wanted to be - but haven't been able to get there, because of how your baby looks, or how you feel about your baby? Do you feel if you had the right tools at your disposal that your baby could have the poise, beauty and confidence of a beauty pageant winner that you might lack?

If so, BABY SWAN, a ground-breaking reality show that offers participants the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to undergo a FULL-LIFE MAKEOVER, is for you.

Our experts will work with your baby to makeover his or her life - face, body, and confidence - to give you the chance to see what you could accomplish - when you have the opportunity to compete to reach a dream goal. Work hard and you could change your life, become the parent of Baby Swan, and win thousands of dollars in prizes.

We're looking for women with infants, who believe that our Full Life Make Over could really change their baby's lives, and give them the chance to make their dreams come true.

The pageant will take babies with little physical beauty and transform them into miniature versions of today's popular celebrities. Could your baby look like J-Lo, Pamela Anderson or Anna Nicole Smith? We can make that happen. With stylists and minor plastic surgery for liposuction and facial enhancements your baby may be the next tiny celebrity look alike.

If your child is between the ages of three to 18 months and you are interested in seeing if your child could become Baby Swan, contact our Casting Department.

For more information on the THE SWAN, please visit the FOX website here.


Contact Information:
Swan Season 3 Casting Department
Galan Entertainment
523 Victoria Ave
Venice, CA 90291


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