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Monday, January 10, 2005

'Billy news:

Saw Lee Rocker at Moe's Alley the other night. I stuck around after the show was over and talked with him a bit, and he was as nice as pie.

He plays a mean slap bass, and really gets into it. The show started with a few covers and everytime I hear good rockabilly, I wish I could play it. It's great music, and it suits me right to the ground. Since it was the birthday of the King, there was a good portion of the music dedicated to him. Man, it's good music.

The strange part of the show were the people in attendance. Santa Cruz, being a strange town to begin with has about a million strange little subcultures, and they overlap only in public. Pick a lifestyle, and you can find a section of the public that reflects it a hundred percent. Recently documented on television was a couple that raised a couple of boys to be hillbillies, only a few blocks away from the boardwalk. They sing bluegrass with a thicker accent than most people in the South. No kiddin.

So that was the ilk at Moe's Saturday. The occasional out of place Taoist; the drunken middle aged man looking for a third wife; the unpleasant looking transvestite; the ponytailed, mustachioed filipino; the outgoing 60 year old woman dressed like a 20 year old; MacGyver; Kevin Bacon from Footloose; and several cow-type-girls moving their corpulently swollen stone washed Levis in ways that resembled cursive writing.

Did I mention the music was good? Yes, I enjoyed it very much.


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