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Monday, January 24, 2005

UCSC's Paphian?

I have a friend who works at UCSC, and he barely ekes a living out of the job. They make him pay around $60 a month just to park his car there. But when it comes to the upper administration at the school, nothing is too outrageous when it comes to the budget. - News - Controversy Brews Over UCSC Hirings: "Controversy is brewing at the University of California, Santa Cruz, over the recent hiring of a new chancellor and a new position that was created for the woman's partner.
Denice Dee Denton will start as UCSC's new chancellor next month. The university has created a new position for Denton's partner, Gretchen Kalonji, that pays nearly $200,000 a year."

This is wrong on so many levels. The UCSC campus is on one of the most beautiful pieces of land in the continental US, and it is an amazing place to visit, if you can avert your eyes from the occasional naked tree sitter, stumbling stoner, or vocal protester against the cause du jour. It is literally littered with those who seriously think that the 1960s were the best time in America. The professors burned their draft cards then and now encourage the young to believe the government owes them a living.

It can cost over $38 grand a year to go to this school, and it just seems like a huge waste of money to create a position for someone who is basically a kept woman. Isn't there a name for this kind of corruption? Thankfully English is a language where words mean things.

If the new chancellor is indeed the right man for the job, then her partner should do the right thing and not accept the position.

The best solution would for the institution not to offer a position to either person in the first place. There must be a candidate that meets their politically socialistic, pro-hemp, and pro-homosexual agenda with out a $200,000 lap dog.

In any environment like this there are a few people who don't agree with the way things go. They have to agree with the majority or risk losing their livelihood, or if they are students, passing their classes. Hopefully they will find a way to make it known that this is a very poor decision and this offer should be retracted, post haste.


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