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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Vivo en un lugar con muchos que hablan Espanol.

I get plenty of wrong numbers here. Half are telemarketers, which is a whole different story, and the other half are in Spanish. Or as they say, Espanich.

Phone rings.

Phone: [Incoherent Spanish mumbling] Annhellina?
Me: Como?
Phone: Annhellina?
Me: Como?
Phone: [Garbled Spanish talk] Annhellina!
Me: Huh?
Phone: Ees Annhellina?
Me: Uhhh
Phone: Ess Annhellina acaca?
Me: Uh? Momento. Annhelllliiiinnnaa! Momento.
Phone: Hola, Annhellina?
Me: Como?
Phone: Ay! Annhellina acaca por favor!
Me: Uhh...I believe you must have the wrong number.
Phone: Ay! Hokay.

It's simple and fun.


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