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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Rarely, my fellow Humans, do I post to this repository of leftover brain squeezins. In the garden of my brain you have ended up in the corn patch, near the back. I have other outlets, so here you find the weeds and compost from my fertile mind.

Anyway, in order to keep it interesting, here is a new feature, that will most likely run its course within the year.

Notice the flash thumbnails in the corner.

This effort is a distraction and primarily an experiment in technologies, to try to find a practical application for it. I have found a great use for the blogger tools, and that is posting news items that have to do with Chuck. Check this out.

Another use, if I can convince the crew to go for it would be to keep up a list of prayer requests, life thoughts, prayers answered, and that kind of stuff from my homey group. That would be useful, and probably more thoughtful than this malarkey that nobody reads but me.



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