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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Wal-Mart Nation, Or At Least Pajaro

Wal-Mart Nation: "Walking through a brightly lighted store in Shenzhen, the boom town across the border from Hong Kong, Hatfield, who heads Wal-Mart's retail operations in China, can't disguise his delight over the--what else?--'everyday low prices!' He zips over to an electronic keyboard selling for $20. 'It was three times more a few years ago!' he exclaims. He pauses at a bathroom scale that used to sell for $6 and now is just $2.50. 'We found a new vendor,' he says. 'It's amazing. We're bringing people a great shopping experience!' Chinese customers, piling goods into their shopping carts, seem to agree. In a corner of the food department, Wal-Mart salespeople lead a group of giggling women shoppers in a rousing relay race, transporting small sausages down the aisle with chopsticks."

So communist China will encourage a Wal-Mart, but in California they won't.

I live in Watsonville, right in between Santa Cruz and Monterey.

Check out how far you are from me:

So if you were sitting in a fishing boat looking at Watsonville, to your right would be Monterey, and to your left would be Santa Cruz. That's pretty much how the politics boil down in the area, too.

To your left are the Socialists and Communists of Santa Cruz, inspired by their heroes Marx, Stalin, Lenin and Mao. The mayor of Santa Cruz flies a hemp flag over City Hall, and it's common to find campgrounds in public areas full of transients, representing economical equality. Take a look at Dr. Zhivago sometime for an idea of what communism can do, if you forgot. Or visit a communist or formerly communist country.

To your right is Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Carmel. Think Pebble Beach, Clint Eastwood and Steinbeck. Clearly, these people do not need a Wal-Mart. However, look at it this way. Would you rather be approached by a resident of Monterey or of Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz guy: Hey man, like, would you like to sign this referendum on legalization of marijuana? No? Do you have any change? Like, fer real man. I'm all sick of George Bush and this is a Nuclear Free Zone so man, trip on that for like five minutes!

Umbrella Guy (scroll down good times link for story): Hello!

Monterey guy: Sniff, sniff. Lovey, where did I park the Bentley?

So the hope is that Monterey County will approve the build of a huge Wal-Mart right there in Pajaro. Let's face it, Pajaro is a dump. There's really not much nice about it. A few Taquerias now, some cheap gas, but Yagi's Tackle shut down, which was the last place to get a five dollar haircut, and the latest lure.

Maybe the Wal-Mart will offer a haircut in the fishing section by the Umbrella Guy, while the tires on the Bentley get rotated in the tire shop.

It would be a little something for everyone.


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