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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Dyanamic Content and you

I don't know about you guys, but this dynamic content thing is really something else these days. I've just lately started to get excited about this but man, there is some powerful stuff here. I've figured out how to get dynamic content to display on any webpage like this one, a work in progress. So far the only content on the page that I wrote is the review of the album in the body of the page. Using feedburner and a cool little utility called feed2js, I can paste a little bit of javascript in the body of the html and have the RSS title (of each post) show up as a hyperlink on the page. Google recently added RSS feeds to any search you do in their News, so that's fed automagically as well.

Google also serves up via Javascript a little number called Google Ads, which you see everywhere these days. This has been a good little deal for my other website (which hosts this one) and has already covered the costs of hosting for the year. I dig it.

The other little gnip gnop or knick knack on that page is the link to the album, which is provided (javascript again) by Amazon. Here again another little thing that might pay for the site, if I used it more. It's easy to use but sometimes the shipping on products from Amazon kills any bargains. Even though I am chained to my desk 20x7, I do like to get out occasionally. Didn't shipping used to be free with Amazon when it started? That was nice. I still have a coffee cup they sent me when they started out, too. Those were the days. Everyone had a job, and companies like E-trade and Amazon sent you free t-shirts just for looking at their sites. /streamof conciousness.

Pretty cool stuff. These things write themselves, you know.


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