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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Follow up: Spurlock Food Scare a Super Size Scam - Views - Straight Talk - Spurlock Food Scare a Super Size Scam: "Ironically enough, Spurlock began his television career at MTV on a show called 'I Bet You Will,' in which he paid people to eat disgusting things on camera. He once paid a woman $250 to shave her head, then eat a giant ball of her own hair mixed with butter. He paid another man to eat an entire jar of mayonnaise. Still another to swallow dog feces. When asked if he felt his show was exploitive, he replied, 'No way. Everybody knows what they're getting into. Everybody has a good time. If somebody walks by and doesn't enjoy it, hey, it's a free country. Just keep on walking, man.'"

Good article with some more information about the vegan muslim hillbilly and his new ventures in contrived documentaries and now, books.

Original post about this dude is here.


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