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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I don't know if I heart Huckabee, but I am certain about the rest

Mike Huckabee is getting flak for possibly showing something covertly Christian in the background of one of his pre-Christmas ads for Prez. Of course it's ridiculous, but shouldn't the critics of this one be embarrassed a little, too? From Reuters:

Huckabee, who has come out of nowhere to lead Republican polls in Iowa and challenge Giuliani for the lead in national polls, took criticism from Republican candidate Ron Paul on Tuesday for a "Merry Christmas" advertisement that included a book shelf behind him that looked like a Christian cross.

Hey Ron, he used to be a preacher. What do you expect? Maybe he could preach a
sermon and get Patti Labelle's choir to sing backup.

At least he's more up front about what he believes than Mitt Romney. A message board I occasionally visit had a question about whether or not Romney was a Christian. The answer to me seems obvious -- no -- but that's because I have more than a cursory interest in what it means to be one.

Ron Paul has a lot of internet buzz but I think you'd be hard pressed to get anyone to vote for a guy who is more wooden than Al Gore, hero of American environmentalists.

There's Freddy Thompson, who unfortunately, looks half dead. McCain always sounds like a normal guy until he's pressed on one issue or anther, then sounds like he's a populist. The rest don't seem to have half a chance.

There are the Democrats to consider but let me give you half a dozen reasons why I can't seriously consider one of them for the job:

  • Anti-Christian. Not only that, but anti-God.
  • Gun control. I'm agin' it.
  • Abortion. I'm agin' it, too.
  • axes. I'm agin' 'em. They ain't.
  • Socialism and Big Government. I'm agin' it.

That's a short list, and nothing to do with the individuals running. Obama's church attendance has made the news, and that seems better than the psuedo-religion that worships State that most candidates have. If these guys were serious about their faith, and could convince me of it, I would take a look around at different parties, and I've been a Republican since 1980.

Of course, you would think that would mean they would have to change their stance on a few key issues.

Or they could go the RINO route, like Arnie. It worked for him.



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